Frater R∴C∴

Very Honoured Frater Rumpens Catanae "Broken Of Chains"





"Frater R.C. explores various nuances of Hermetic initiation that are profoundly insightful; the analysis of the purpose of initiation is invaluable and is as relevant to the adept as well as the neophyte." 

— Chris Winters, Artist & Author @this_occult_life

"Definitely recommended regardless of whether you're a beginner or an adept. ...engaging, charming and well spoken...Frater RC taught a few classes [in Belfast] on Kabbalah and Hermeticism and made the material easy to digest. ...Witty, polite and always had a ready ear to discuss music, art,to discuss music, art, theology and other disciplines in relation to his own practice."

— Soror CM, OTO Master Magician, Belfast "Six Counties" Ireland


"I watched a live video of Frater RC and was inspired to reach out to him. His knowledge, experience, and what he said really resonated with me. I asked for his advice for spiritual direction as I've lately felt disconnected. I've been feeling lost and confused because I haven't felt that connection to spirit that I've known for so long. He said exactly what I needed to hear and helped me realise that I have been far too hard on myself, and for the moment, to just let things be as they are because forcing a connection wasn't helping myself at all. Thank you Frater RC for your sage advice as I feel unburdened with the needless expectations that I've placed on my own shoulders. I'm going to make the time to ground myself and allow my connection to spirit to form again naturally."

David, Texas

"Thank you so much for all of the information specific to me and my requests. I was really impressed and grateful for you and your attention to my details. You were very professional and to the point. You answered all of my questions and provided me with very valuable resources that I am using. I am so happy to have books to turn to and read for more self knowledge and spiritual growth. I am also very happy to have the techniques to let certain things go that I would have not though of before. [Frater R.C.] is a trustworthy source and keeps the information shared private. I will definitely refer others to you for help, guidance, and insight. Thank you again!"

Kristin, New Hampshire

"Frater R.C. is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in many aspects of religion, hermeticism, and life in general. Friendly and instantly easy to speak with, Frater RC helped me identify several gaps and misinformation in my work as well as offering practical advice to assist me during a time of personal crisis. I'd recommend working with Frater RC to anyone that wishes to deepen their understanding of their practice and assistance in walking their personal path towards their higher self."

Frater Solus, Louisville, Kentucky

"Wow. Where to begin. I have been feeling called towards seeking out guidance on aspects of hermeticism, the occult and esoteric aspects of higher magic for at least a year now. I ended up connecting with [Frater R.C.] as a spiritual advisor via a random hash tag post in esoteric studies. I honestly could say what provoked me to begin the dialogue with him but I can honestly say I’m thankful I did. With the amount of people that are disingenuous, posers, and generally fronting to pretend to know things they know little to nothing about I can say that his not only impressive resume of 30 plus years in this field but his eloquence with speaking and his gregarious attitude was a blessing. He provided me a depth of information that I imagine is going to take me quite some time to work through and which I’m grateful for but also was able to give me sincere honest guidance and direction that suited my specific needs and requests as I shared with him my own background and what I have been feeling inspired to discover within these vast fields of knowledge. His extensive background was able to provide me with a complete picture of the pros/cons and expectations of all different paths and with an unbiased approach offered up simple suggestions and questions to ask myself so that I might better understand for myself which path would be a best fit. I can’t recommend him enough having not known anything about him prior to our call I honestly felt at the end like he was a friend. If you’re seeking guidance, direction or general advice about anything esoterica and occult this person is well worth taking the time to contact for a chat! Thank you!"

Scott O'Boyle, Florida

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